March 17, 2008


Filed under: wood shop — howarth frank @ 8:53 pm

The big move is under way (slowly) I am rearranging some things in the shop to make room for the mortiser and big disk sander.  Both have been sitting in the middle of the shop in the way.  I am moving the big jointer to where the smaller Powermatic jointer has been. The motiser and sander can take up the space where the big jointer was. The only problem now is to find a place for the Powermatic jointer.
I moved the big jointer by lifting each end and placing blocks under it.  Going from end to end a couple of times I got it high enough to get the new cart under it.  Even with the tables off and the cantilevered weight of the end I was not at I could not lift an end of the jointer, I used the crane.

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