January 21, 2007

new toys

Filed under: wood shop — howarth frank @ 9:37 am

Santa came late this year.  Last Thursday was a big day for the shop. I had a old 12 inch jointer and a new lathe delivered to the shop. I found the jointer on Craig’s list for $400, and had a moving company deliver it. The jointer needs a new cutter head and the in feed table needs some work at the lip.  It has an old style ‘clam shell’ cutter head, it works fine but I guess these could be dangerous as they sometimes let a blade go.  I see this jointer as a project for a while; I am going to need to get a shop crane to do any work on it.


as I had movers for the jointer at the shop I had them move the new lather into the shop at the same time.  Its fun scrounging for old equipment, but there is nothing like a brand new tool.  The lathe runs supper smooth.  It is a joy to work with.



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