October 25, 2014

Above Bar Light Frame

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I was asked to build a frame to hold paper lanterns above the bar in a new Japanese restaurant. The frame is constructed from 2 by 2 cedar lumber. I made small rabbets and dados at each intersection of the frame to help align and hold the frame together.

October 18, 2014

Repairing Commercial Sushi Cutting Boards

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This past summer, I restored a few commercial sushi cutting boards for the restaurant, Bamboo Sushi. Two of the cutting boards had developed cracks along the grain of the boards. I removed the cracks by cutting the boards along the crack and reattaching them with wood biscuits. I also sanded the top and bottom surface of the boards to remove some of the knife marks.

October 4, 2014

Rail and Stile Marker Board

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I have made a marker board to hang on our French cleat by our side door. The structure is a rail and stile frame with two infill panels. The upper panel is the marker board. The lower is plywood. It also has two shelves. One is for the pens and one is for things we need by the side door. The rails and stiles are made of oak.