March 31, 2014

bathroom cabinets

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the new bathroom cabinets are coming together.


March 29, 2014


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I picked up a welder today.  It came with a mask and a bunch of rod. I need to get a jacket and gloves.


March 24, 2014

table saw

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after taking the table saw apart to change the belts I put it back together.

March 22, 2014

Shop cabinet doors and drawers

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Turning wood on the lathe produces a lot of wood chips. Turning big pieces of green wood produces even more.  I was finding I needed to streamline the cleaning up of these wood chips after a turning project.  I decided adding doors and drawers to the lathe cabinet would be the most helpful in this clean up process. In this video, I add 3 doors with Salice Series 200 hinges to the cabinet.  In addition, I make three drawer boxes for the cabinet.

March 19, 2014


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cleaning up the lathe area.


March 16, 2014

bathroom cabinets

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We are going to be replacing the pluming in the house. the first part is the east end of the house including the two bathrooms. as part of this project I will be making new cabinets for the bathrooms.  I started demo today.


March 11, 2014

plum bowl

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working on another plum bowl with a natural edge.  also hoping to make some improvements to the lathe work area.


March 1, 2014

Making a Case for Books

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This is the fully animated story of making four bookcases.  The four cases are made from two pieces of walnut veneer plywood with almost no waste.  The base for the cases is made from solid walnut with mitered corners  The bookcases are 36 inches tall and 47 inches wide. The finish is wipe on polyurethane. They fit under and within the spacing of the windows in the living room.

I shot approximately 11,700 frames for this animation and used roughly 6,400 of them.  I worked on this project intermittently from the 5th of January to 1st of March, 2014.