January 29, 2014

bowl 18

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working on a new bowl with a segmented insert.


January 25, 2014

Picture Frames

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I made two picture frames.  They are made from a cherry tree that I milled into lumber back in 2006 using a chainsaw and band saw.  The wood has been drying for seven and a half years.  In the video, I jointed and planed the wood to a thickness of one inch.  I cut the wood into two inch strips that will become the frames.  The corners are mitered and glued.  The corners are reinforced with walnut splines.  The photographs in the frames are historical pictures of the Steel and Broadway Bridges here in Portland.  The wood for the frames came from a cherry tree and walnut tree within two miles of these bridges. This is a very local project.

January 22, 2014

picture frames

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I am working on 2 picture frames with splines at the corners.


January 4, 2014

Jelly Studio Part 4: Boxes

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Jelly asked me to make two boxes for the downstairs area of his studio.  This area is also the home to Limbo Inc., a  juice and smoothie bar and organic market.  The boxes are half the length and height of the benches I made earlier.   For the boxes, I made a frame mitered at the corners with wood biscuits. The bottom floats in a dado, cut in that frame, giving the bottom strength and allowing it to move as it expands and contracts over time.  The intended uses for the boxes are as a step stool, a small desk, and whatever else that dimension will yield.