September 28, 2013

Studio Jelly: Wood Paneling: Camera Tracking

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In the previous video “Studio Jelly: Part 2: Wood Paneling”, I used many tracking shots for the scenes in the video.  I used my camera dolly track to achieve this.  I found I could tilt the track at just the correct angle off of level and have the dolly and camera move down the track at a consistent speed while I preformed the scenes in front of the camera.

September 27, 2013

Studio Jelly: tables

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I took the first table and bench down to the studio to day.


September 24, 2013


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I have been planing paint off the wood for the tables, and it dulls the planer blades. I sharpened them last night.


September 23, 2013

Studio Jelly: tables

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I have started working on a table and bench for studio jelly


September 21, 2013

Studio Jelly: Part 2: Wood Paneling

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The second video in the Studio Jelly series is about the wood paneling below the railing that covers the end of the mezzanine floor.   We wanted to continue using reclaimed Douglas fir.  I found a 34 foot long piece of clear fir at the Rebuilding Center.  I had to cut it into three pieces to get it back to the shop.  I found only one set of nails in it which were easy to get out.  I jointed and planed the wood.  I ripped the pieces on the table saw to a little more than 6 inches wide.  Then I resawed each piece on the band saw.  This gave me two halves that I could put together and make a 12 inch wide panel with a book matched pattern.  I hung the panels with panel cleats which are an aluminum French cleat system.  All the panels went up and the mezzanine now looks complete.

September 18, 2013

Studio Jelly: tables

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I have the wood for the table tops.  it is reclaimed bleacher seats from griswold stadium at Lewis & Clark collage.


September 16, 2013

Studio Jelly: stair hand rail

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making the stair hand rail.  the piece had to stick out of the shop to fit on the table saw.


September 14, 2013

Studio Jelly: Part 1: The Railing

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I have a paying wood working job to help my friend, Jelly Helm, move his studio to a more retail type of setting.  The new space is a rectangular volume with a mezzanine in the rear half of the space. In the first video, I enhance the existing railing at the edge of the mezzanine.  The design I came up with is a series of slats attached to the existing railing.  The idea is to provide some privacy from below and allow light into the mezzanine.  The slats are made from reclaimed Douglas fir.

September 9, 2013

stair rail cap

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the cap to the upper stair rail went in today. It is reclaimed 1.5 x 5 inch Douglas fir.


September 8, 2013

camera dolly

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I used my old skateboard as a camera dolly to film a 32 foot long piece for douglas fir.


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