August 31, 2013

Maple bowl blanks

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This is a video of the simple process of going from a log to a wood turned bowl rough.  I saved some maple logs from the landfill and was excited about doing some green wood turning.  I cut the logs in half with my chainsaw (Husqvarna 2100c).  Then I cut them into a cylinder on the band saw.  Next, I rounded and squared up the blank on the lathe.  I used my scroll chuck as a tenon inside a mortise to hold the piece on the lathe.  I hollowed out the bowl and painted it with endsealer wax emulsion paint. Now they will dry for a year or so, and then I can finish them.

August 17, 2013

Wood working camp: making a boat with Calvin

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My son, Calvin, is almost 7 and it is time that he starts learning about the wood shop.  To be clear, this video is for entertainment only. You should understand your tools, your own skill level, and the skill level of any guest you have in your wood shop before you use any power tools.  For part of a week, we built a toy ferry boat out of a piece of alder.  Calvin drew up a design and had a clear vision of what he wanted in his new toy boat. In the end, the boat did not stay up right very well in the water.  It will be more fun as an indoor toy boat.  If anything this was a great bonding experience between Calvin and I

August 14, 2013


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I have started a paying job to build a few pieces for a retail space.  The first is a railing for the edge of a mezzanine in the space.  There is a steel railing in the location now but it is too open. I am going to build a louver system to infill the railing.

existing railing


rendering of new railing design


reclaimed fir for new railing


August 6, 2013

fine wood working

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Nice article in fine wood working

August 3, 2013

The making of the lawn chair stop motion animation

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In this video, I go through the equipment and some of the stop motion work in making my previous video Lawn Chair 2. Also, I elaborate on some of the design changes in the second chair.