April 29, 2013

the Porter Heavy Pattern Jointer

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This is a description of my Porter Heavy Pattern Jointer.  It was made around 1910. It weighs 1550 lbs.  I had to replace the cutter head, I got a Byrd tool Shelix cutter head for it. And I finally make a guard for the jointer, in the second half of the video.

April 24, 2013

jointer guard

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After three different designs, I have a guard for the jointer.


April 21, 2013

segmented walnut and maple bowl

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This video is of a wood turned segmented walnut and maple bowl inspired by traditional tapa cloth patterning. I did this video all with a stop motion technique trying to remove myself from the story in order to make the materials, process, and product the stars of the show.

April 16, 2013

bowl 8

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the new bowl and movie are coming along. it has been slow as i am doing the movie all in stop motion.


April 8, 2013

stop motion jointer jig

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i’m working on another movie about making a segmented bowl. for one scene i made a stop motion jig for the jointer.  as i move the stock through the jointer the camera follows the front edge of the stock.


April 6, 2013

Big Table Saw Sled

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I have been working on a door. I needed to square up the ends of the door.  I made a big table saw sled for my Powermatic 72 to perform this function.  I started with a sheet of half inch birch plywood. I cut this to 30 by 48 inches.  Then I made a rail from hard maple that fit in one of the slots on the table saw top.  I planed it down to where it just fit in the slot with out wiggling but still could slide easily back and forth.  I attached the rail parallel to the shorter side of the plywood.  Then I trimmed off the shorter side closest to the blade to make that edge of the plywood perfectly parallel to the slot in the table saw.  Next I attached a stop to the back of the plywood piece with one screw. I made this stop as perpendicular to the table saw blade as I could.  Then I cut a test piece of plywood with the sled. With this cut I could test how square the sled was. I adjusted the stop and got it spot on.  Finally, I turned a handle on the lathe for the sled. This made it easer to push.

April 5, 2013

jointer guard

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i have mocked up a jointer guard. it does not work very well. i think i will try a design that fastens the guard to the in feed table.