March 31, 2013

Building The Woodshop

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This is about how I built my woodshop.  We decided to move from our previous home for a variety of reasons.  I saw the move as an opportunity to gain a bigger shop for my woodworking hobby.   The house we found had everything we wanted, except for a shop or even a garage.  It did have a nonfunctioning indoor pool. We thought this space would make a nice woodshop. I could just build a floor over the pool and have a shop.  As we got further into the inspection process, it was looking as though fixing the structure over the pool was going to be expensive. It looked like we would have to put a bunch of money into a structure that was not really a woodshop and not a functioning pool either.  It made more sense to take out the pool and structure, and then build a woodshop from the ground up.  We started this project by regrading our side yard to gain access to the pool in the backyard.  Once we had access, we took out the pool. We half filled the hole where the pool was with compacted gravel.  I realized that if we sank the shop into the ground I could have the ceiling height I had always wanted in the shop and preserve the view from the house.  The design of the shop is a box with a shed roof.  The roof wraps down the east side of the structure.  I like to think of it as a slightly open toolbox.  The entire shop is laid out on a 24 inch grid.  The windows and doors fall within this grid. I had a general contractor built the shell and then I built the windows and interior.  The interior walls are comprised of a 34 inch concrete stem wall at the base. Above that is a 9 foot, plywood wall. In the space above the plywood wall and below the shed roof is polycarbonate panel to form a clearstory. The tool layout in the shop is divided into 4 areas: an area near the door for material storage and prep, a central area for general wood working, and two areas near the back of the shop, one for turning and one for metal working.

March 25, 2013


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to finish up the door project i had to make a big sled for the Powermatic 72 table saw. the 30 by 80 inch door fit just fine.


March 20, 2013


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i have a paying job to make some mahogany doors.  i have a friend building a house to sell, and these will be the doors.  This first one is to see if the design works.


March 16, 2013

Paper Towel Holder

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I had made a desk for my 6 year old son. The desk had a back shelf supported by a row of arches cut from English walnut. In this project, I use the leftover cutouts from these arches to make the sides of a paper towel holder. The two sides are connected by two strips of black walnut which also hold the piece to the underside of the kitchen cabinet. The walnut strips and sides are attached together with a dovetail joint. I also use a scrap piece of black walnut for the axle to hold the paper towels between the two sides. I turn the axle on the lathe to make a tenon at each end to fit into a round hole in each of the sides. This helps hold the axle in place. I also turn a wide channel between the tenons on the axle to hold the paper towel in place.

March 12, 2013

dust collector

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I cleaned out the dust collector dust bin tonight.  did not find any fossils


March 9, 2013

cold frame

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I needed to make a cold frame to sprout tomato plants while it is still winter here in the great northwest.  I started by making a 2×4 frame with lap joints at the corners.  On top of this frame, I attached a 3/4 inch piece of plywood to make the floor of the cold frame.   I then made four sides to form a box with an angled shed roof.  The roof is a rail and style frame with Plexiglas panels to let sunlight in.  The roof is hinged at the lower side to allow access and heat to escape.  I installed a heat actuated opener to open the roof panel when it gets too hot inside the cold frame.  I also mounted casters on the bottom to allow me to move the cold frame inside and outside as needed.

March 7, 2013

paper towel holder

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I’m working on a paper towel holder made from the scraps leftover from Calvin’s desk.


March 4, 2013

cold frame

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the cold frame is done, and the heat sensitive door opener works.  the plan is that i can move it outside during the day and roll it inside at night.


March 3, 2013

cold frame

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the cold frame is coming along, almost ready for paint.  yes the roof hinges on the lower side, so the heat can escape out the upper side


March 2, 2013

Stop Motion Camera Dolly

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This movie is about making the scene in “Calvin’s Desk Part 3” where the finish is going on the back of the desk.  To make the scene,  I made a camera dolly and track system. This allowed me to dolly the camera from side to side.  I also built a gear system that allowed me to move the camera a precise, small increment between each frame of the stop motion.