February 27, 2013

Calvin’s desk part 3

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In part three of the series on Calvin’s desk, I concentrate on the desk top, the back and putting it all together.  In making the top, I glue two pieces of 5/8 inch Russian birch plywood together to make a stiff solid top.  I flush trim a piece of marker board to the shape of the plywood to make the writing surface.  The market board is not glued down so it could be replaced in the future. To make the back, I cut out seven pieces of English walnut. Each of these pieces gets an arch cut into it.  I glue these pieces together with the grain running perpendicular to the length of the piece. For the shelf in the back, I glue alternating pieces of black and English walnut together to make an abstract railroad track. The grain also runs perpendicular to the length of the piece.  When bringing the desk inside, it turned out it was too big to navigate through the house. I had to take it apart to get into Calvin’s room.  Calvin loves his new desk and I had a lot of fun doing this project.

February 25, 2013

stop motion camera dolly

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This is the set up I used, to shoot one of the scenes in the upcoming 3rd installment of the making of Calvin’s desk movie.  The scene is a stop motion sequence of the finish going on the back of the desk, with the camera following the edge of the finish.  The rig consisted of the track and camera dolly.  the dolly is pulled by a string by being wound around a dowel.  I geared the dowel so I could turn it a set amount for each frame in the movie.  At the other end of the dolly is tensioning string


February 24, 2013

Calvin’s desk

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Calvin’s desk is done, it came out really nice and Calvin likes it.


February 23, 2013

Calvin’s desk

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the desk is coming along. i hope to get all the parts together today and finish on it.


February 16, 2013

Calvin’s desk part 2

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In part two of the series on Calvin’s desk, I concentrated on the legs. When designing the legs, I initially started with a cruciform shape looking down from above. I liked the side view of an inverted cone. I then gravitated to a wood turned cone. The design evolved into a English walnut segmented section on the upper two thirds and a solid black walnut section on the lower third. I made two of these cone legs for the project. One will be under the left side of the desktop. I cut the other in half. Each half will be along the right side of the drawer box. This will give the desk three points of support.

February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day back roller

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I wanted to make my wife a Valentine’s Day present.  My thought was to wood turn some kind of back massage device. I found a nice piece of maple firewood and wood turned the most common shape I found for a back roller.  At one point, the wood came off the lathe and hit me in the face. I was wearing my face shield so I was ok. I would highly recommend wearing all safety equipment and following all safety rules while wood turning. I put finish on it while it was turning slowly on the lathe.  My wife is enjoying her new back roller.

February 11, 2013


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i am starting on a planter box greenhouse.  the box will be plywood with a cover made form poplar and some Plexiglas i got from a salvaged crib.  i will put the whole thing on wheels so i can move it outside during the day and inside at night.  i will use it to get seedling started for this years garden.


February 9, 2013

Calvin’s desk part 1

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Calvin needs a new desk.  After a lot of sketching, we decide on a design that consists of a three drawer cabinet under a desk top with a shelf on the back.  The desk has a train station motif.  This is the first of three videos about the desk. In this video I concentrate on the three drawer cabinet.  The box that the three drawers go in is black walnut veneer plywood, mitered at the corners.  There is a rabbet in the back to accept a back panel.  The drawers are half inch Russian birch plywood. The sides of the drawers are held together with a dado and rabbet joint.  The drawer bottoms are held in place with a dado along the drawer sides.  The drawer faces are held on with 2 screws from the inside of the drawer.  Each drawer has a pull inspired by a train wheel.  The next video will be about the legs.

February 6, 2013

Calvin’s desk

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the drawers are done.


February 4, 2013

Calvin’s desk

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the drawers are done, they just need fronts, and pulls.