December 28, 2012

toy top

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We have a toy top made by my wife’s grandfather, James McCombe.  I wanted to try to remake it as it is all woodturned. It consists of a top, a handle, and a string to pull. I started by putting together a two and a half inch square piece of wood built up from two pieces of walnut and two pieces of cherry. This formed a simple checker board pattern in section.  I drilled a hole for my screw chuck to hold this piece on the lathe.  This became the body of the top.  I turned an axel for the top that fits in the hole I drilled for the screw chuck.  Next, I turned the handle out of walnut. I drilled a hole in the handle to house the string for the top and a hole for the top’s spindle. I sanded everything to a polished finish with 500 grit sandpaper.  The top works great, but really no better than the original.

December 23, 2012


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Second Christmas present done: a top. walnut handle, walnut and cherry top


December 21, 2012


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I start by cutting out 8 equilateral right triangles, four of cherry and four of purple heart.  I glue the triangles into two sets of four, making two squares.  Then I drill a hole in the center of each square at the intersection point of the two wood types.  This hole does not go all the way through and will receive the screw on the crew chuck.  I cut each square into a circle, to get ready to turn it on the lathe.  I would turn each half of the yo-yo on the lathe into a yo-yo shape, with a mass of 38 grams each.  I make the axle to fit the hole on each half of the yo-yo that I drilled earlier for the screw chuck. I set the two halves the thickness of ten playing cards apart, to make the proper space for the string.  I Add the string by knotting the end of the string and unraveling a bit of it just up from the knot and slipping the axle between the string strands. I finish it with a beeswax linseed oil mix. Everything goes together and works great.

December 18, 2012


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the two halfvs of the yo-yo are done.


December 15, 2012


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the movie about the ornament is done

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To make a segmented, woodturned Christmas ornament, I started by sketching what I wanted to do which was a Christmas tree figure on a sphere.  I structured the sphere by layering up pieces of holly and purple heart to form the pattern, with a layer on the bottom for the trunk and a layer on the top for the sky.  The original idea was to also make it hollow, drill holes in it for lights, and put a LED light with a watch battery inside.  The turning proved to be at the limits of my skill level and tool collection. I dropped the light idea and just tuned it as a solid piece.  I made a decorative finial at the top and bottom.  Merry Christmas!

December 11, 2012

walnut bowl

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i started another walnut bowl, and movie.  this one has a lot of defects, but i think i can make something of it.



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i am putting together another tractor. all the parts are made, i just have to glue it up.



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the body of the ornament is together.


December 9, 2012


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i have finally made a sled for the table saw. i need it for the ornament i am making. it will make cutting small pieces much safer.


December 7, 2012

the ornament

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the ornament is coming along. the plan is that it will be a sphere with four segmented christmas trees.  i need to cut it into segments and turn it.


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