November 10, 2012

day of wood

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I started the day by picking up a 500# chunk of maple.  it has some rotten parts but I am thinking it will make a couple of nice table tops, if I cut it horizontally with the chainsaw mill.


I wet to a OWWM get together at Donovan’s shop. it was a real treat, we made a window frame with his traditional wood working machines.


I ended the day by working on the current walnut bowl a little more, the infill pattern is coming out nice.


November 9, 2012

walnut bowl

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all glued up.


walnut bowl

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the new part of the bowl is glued up, it just needs to be glued into the bowl and re-turned on the lathe.


walnut bowl

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i am working on another bowl.  it is walnut and needs fixing.  i am building an alternating pattern to fill in the cracked part i have cut out of the bowl.


November 7, 2012

french cleat hook

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I have a french cleat system around my wood shop.  In this video I show how I make a simple hook to hang items on.  It consists of a piece of plywood as a body a cleat, a spacer and a dowel as a hook.

November 2, 2012

bowl in 45 seconds part 2

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This piece of walnut had been part of a street tree that had ground on Fremont Ave in Portland Oregon.  The tree had been cut up and left for firewood for anyone who wanted it, I got a truck load.  I turned one of the nicer pieces in a video I put up about 5 years ago called “a bowl in 45 seconds”  in this video I finish this piece up.
I start by getting the bowl round as it had come out of round in the drying process.  Then I remove material with my 5/8″ bowl gouge to get to the final form.  Smoothing is done with a 1 inch scraper.  Then lots of sanding.  I use a sanding disk on my drill to get a random pattern with the sandpaper.  I sand till 400 grit.  I flip the bowl around and hold the rim in the chuck. I dare not hold it with just the chick as I would not want it to come out, so I hold it in with the tail stock.  I clean the surface with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits and let dry.  Then a coat of a linseed oil and bees wax mix.  For being left on the side of the road as fire wood this has been one if the nicest pieces of wood I have worked with, and made a very beautiful piece.

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