March 31, 2012

south bend

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the south bend lathe is finally in position and wired up. it works great i just need to figure out how to use it.


March 24, 2012

Radial arm saw

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i have the final radial arm saw set up.  i am hoping to have this as a dedicated angle cutting saw.


March 11, 2012


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i have been working on a bowl.


March 9, 2012


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the grinding wheel came today for the planer sharpener, and the set up seems to work.  i am getting a much better surface out of the planer.


March 5, 2012

planer sharpening grinder

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i managed to hunt down a planer sharpening grinder for the powermatic 180. now i just need to find a grinding wheel for it.


March 4, 2012

table saw storage

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i have been building a storage cabinet for under the table saw wing.  it will house the extra fence, saw blades and other table saw accessories.


disk sander dust collection

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i removed the dust collector that came with my disk sander and re made the cover plate that it attached to out of plywood.  i then attached a 6 inch blast gate to a 6 inch hole in this new piece of plywood. this blast gate is now attached to the dust collection system. this set up pulls a lot more air and a lot more dust.


the old setup can be seen here