December 26, 2011

drill press

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the candy-otto drill press is finally upright. it was harder than i had thought as i had to get the lifting chain in just the right spot so it would hang vertical to bolt the foot on.



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there is heat in the shop! i had to put in a new 30 amp circuit.  it is a small electrical heater, i really only want to get the shop up to a comfortable 55f, which it manages to do.  the removable plywood panels that make up the walls of the shop came in handy.



December 20, 2011


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now that the dust collector is running i have been working on the system.  the tables saws and the big band saw are hooked up. it’s not the prettiest system but maybe this is just the prototype


December 13, 2011

dust collector

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the dust bin door is installed and the dust collector seems to be working.


December 5, 2011

dust collector dust bin door

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i made the dust collector dust bin door. it has a row of windows in it to check on dust levels in the bin. now to attach it and make in air tight