May 15, 2009

sand box

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i have been working on a sand box for the kids. it will be 4’x6′ and have a lid.


May 11, 2009

powermatic 141

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I picked up a new band saw today.  It was original purchased new from barbo machinery by the father of the guy I bought it from.  He used it in a home shop so it has not seen a lot of use.  It seems to run very well.


May 9, 2009


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I filled the head on the router with spindle oil, and turned the router on. It works, and I got the oil moving through the bearings correctly and then I turned it off.  And all the oil dripped out of the spindle.  There is a slight wobble to the spindle.  I don’t know if the spindle is bent or if the bearings are bad.


May 3, 2009

dust collection

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the dust collection is hooked up on the planer.