August 31, 2008

jointer drift

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I noticed today that the cutter head on the big jointer was drifting to the left.  I pulled the whole thing out and found that the fitting that holds the bearing on the left side was loose. After cleaning all the grease off I tightened it up and re assembled the cutter head in the jointer.  After some use it was drifting to the left again!  What I realize now, is that with the slight angel of each cutter, this is pushes the whale head to the left and these bearings were not meant to take any lateral force. I think a well placed thrust bearing will do the trick.


August 28, 2008


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I have started working on a new dresser.  I have a bunch of walnut that need to be used, I think I will make it out of that.  I would like to try an not use any plywood on this project.


August 5, 2008

walnut bowl

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Here is another walnut bowl. It had a few defects which I cut out and filled in with strips of purple hart.