May 28, 2008

walnut bowl

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Here is a video for the bowl in the previous post.YouTube Preview Image

May 25, 2008

new bowl

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I and turned a ruff walnut bawl blank that had developed a crack as it dried.  I cut the bowl in half at the crack and sanded each half perfectly flat on the disk sander.  I inserted a piece of cherry at the seam and glued the bowl back together.  One line running through the bowl did not look right so I did this same process again perpendicular to the first. When the glue dries I can turn the whole thing into a, hopefully, nice bowl.


May 17, 2008

estate sale

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I found a great estate sale this morning. I guess the house had other stuff in it; I only made it to the basement and the garage, which were full of old tools.  I ended up with an old wallace 6 inch jointer, a work bench vice, and a power-kraft swing saw. the jointer works great, it is a direct drive 3600 rpm motor, with a three blade cutter head.  


 The swing saw, was bought original by the grandfather of the guy I bought it from (and I would guess he was about 65). It was originally used to cut wood, but was later changed to cut steel.  I need to wire up a 220 outlet to see if it works.


May 11, 2008

new table saw

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The new table saw is roughly in position.  I wired it up and it runs great, it is quieter than my newer pm66.  the exact position will be determined by the dust collection.  I would like the tracks on both saws to line up, and for each saw to be an out feed table for the other.


May 4, 2008

big jointer

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The big jointer works. It cuts real nice and leaves a great finish.  this movie might take a second to load.

table saw

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I moved the table saw in today. It’s takes 2 seconds to load it with a fork lift and several hours to get it out of the truck and into the shop.  I took the fence, blade, and half the table off to fit it through the door.


May 3, 2008

jointer cutter heard

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When I got home from Seattle yesterday, My new jointer cutter heard had finally arrived.  The new bearing fit perfectly.  It is heavy I have already cut my finger on one of the blades.  I have been having problems getting the pulley on.


May 2, 2008


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I drove to Seattle this morning to pick up the new table saw.  I had a little rain on the way back, But the saw seems to be fine.  i was home by 12:30, and only used 17 gal. of gas