April 30, 2008

dust collections

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I have a sanding row, and all the dust collections is all hooked up.  now to start using it 


April 27, 2008

spindle sander

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We were in sunriver this past weekend, and I found a spindle sander in la pine on Craig’s list.  A 10 mile drive south and I have a great working spindle sander. 


April 23, 2008


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I won the bid to day on a powermatic no. 72 table saw. I’m excited about having a dedicated ripping was.  The 72 has a 5 hp motor and a 12 or 14 inch blade.


April 20, 2008

new closet

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I built a new closet system this weekend.


April 19, 2008


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Here is a movie of the long spin down time of some of the motors in the shop 

April 14, 2008

RAS dust

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The dust collection is set up for the radial arm saws.  I have been building the shop over the last few months, and have not worked on any projects.  This should change soon as I am inching to build something, with the new shop.  The first thing most likely will be a new storage system for the closet in our bed room.  Then maybe a bench with shoe storage for our front entryway, and there are always new ideas to turn on the lathe.

April 6, 2008

mortiser and disk sander

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The mortiser and disk sander are set up. I need to sharpen and find new bits for the mortiser. The disk sander needs the dust collection hooked up.  It takes 15 minutes for the disk to come to a stop. It runs very smoothly without any vibration.img_0205.JPG