March 30, 2008

big jointer

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The big jointer is all set up a ready for the new cutter head that should be coming soon.  The motor takes 8 minutes to spin down


March 29, 2008

drill press vice

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I have attached a vice to the duro drill press. This is coming in handy for small items that need holes drilled in them.  The places a bolts could be attached to the vice and the drill press table where in places that did not align. I sandwiched a piece of plywood in between the two that both attach to.


March 23, 2008


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Got power to the big mortiser today, it runs fine.  I took the housing off the transfer gears at the top of the mortiser.  They were caked with old hard grease.  I have been cleaning them up.  Now to get new chisels to work with this thing.
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March 18, 2008


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Part of fixing the jointer is grinding down the bent part from the previous owners experience with a loose blade.  A blade had come out and bent the lip of the in feed table.  At some point I would like to have the lip replaced and the tables reground.  I checked into this and tt would be 4 to 5 hundred dollars per table, for now I will just grind off the bent bit.


March 17, 2008


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The big move is under way (slowly) I am rearranging some things in the shop to make room for the mortiser and big disk sander.  Both have been sitting in the middle of the shop in the way.  I am moving the big jointer to where the smaller Powermatic jointer has been. The motiser and sander can take up the space where the big jointer was. The only problem now is to find a place for the Powermatic jointer.
I moved the big jointer by lifting each end and placing blocks under it.  Going from end to end a couple of times I got it high enough to get the new cart under it.  Even with the tables off and the cantilevered weight of the end I was not at I could not lift an end of the jointer, I used the crane.

March 16, 2008

new cart

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I built a heavy duty cart. The wheels can carry 600lbs each.


March 15, 2008

garage sale

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I went to a great garage sale today. It was just a garage full of tools. I scored a tool box full of tools, and some funky clamps.


March 10, 2008

i need more power!

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I have installed a three phase converter so I can run the big old wood working machines I have been acquiring. It’s louder than I had thought, but it works.  I have the duro drill press working.


March 8, 2008


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I built a stand for one of the little band saws.  The motor and all of the electrical wiring is in the box.  The stand is nicer than how well the saw works.


March 2, 2008


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the buffing wheels I ordered finally came. I have the buffer set up. The switch cutts out and the wheels aren’t centered; it need a little tuning.