December 28, 2007


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It took all morning but I got the mortiser up and put together.  It seems to be complete except for one piece that fits in the center of the table and holds the bottom of the work piece in place. It has both an Oregon school for the deaf and an Oregon historical property sticker on it.  Witch makes sense with the yellow on all the moving parts.  The paint does not seem to be original. Next I need to work on the electrical system.  There are more pictures here.


December 26, 2007

moving iron

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I brought home the mortiser on Monday but we did not get to moving it out of the truck until today. My parents are in town so my dad helped.  We took it one step at a time and managed to get it into the shop.  We had two close calls. At one point as we had a thousand ponds of iron 4 feet off the ground the chain slipped and the load fell an inch or so. The cheap piece of cr*p harbor fright crane held up. The other was when we had the mortiser on the carts and one of them started to roll down the drive way we caught it in time.


December 24, 2007

Calvin’s table

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Calvin’s table is almost done. I am just gluing the maker board on the top. You can never have too many clamps.



December 23, 2007

shop crane

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I got a harbor fright shop crane off of Craig’s list.  I think I am going to need it to move the new mortiser into the shop.


December 21, 2007

ebay win

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Last Monday Calvin and I went to Salem to look at a few Oregon state surplus eBay auction items.  Some big old tools came up for auction. i snapped a few photos while we were there.


There was a beautiful old 12 inch jointer.


A huge old 24 inch planer that looked like it was originally belt driven.


I ended up winning the bid on a yates American morticer, I hope it works.  The plan is to go down on Monday and pick it up. 


December 10, 2007

calvin’s table

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I have been building a table for Calvin. It will have cubbies, a marker board top and a big roll of paper at one end.



December 9, 2007

radial arm saws

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I am in the process of setting up the radial arm saws in the back of the shop. I re-wired the newer one as the wire was cracking it was so old.  It works, but I may re-do it as I was somewhat half ass about it.



band saw

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I have moved the little band saw over by the drill press.  I hope to use this and not relegate it to the unused tool shelf.  I would like to make a less deep stand for it, it is in the way of the drill press as it is.


December 8, 2007


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I have built some shelves on the outside of the shop to hold unused tools and extra wood. I am putting the tools from the back of the shop there to make way for the radial ram saws.


December 4, 2007

3rd dewalt radial arm saw

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I scored a second small dewalt radial arm saw to day. This one I hope to use as a dedicated dado machine.  I want to set up a cross cutting station along the back wall of the shop, with 2 or 3 of these old saws. it’s time to get rid of the old crapsman radial arm saw.


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