November 12, 2007


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I have one of the bookcases stacked together. The base, carcass, and top are not attached to each other yet.  Now that the doors are on they are not closing all the way. I think they are hitting the shelves. I need to cut a vary shallow channel in the doors to give the shelves space when the door are closed. 


November 11, 2007


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Here is a short video of me turning one of the legs for the bookcase.  It is sped up %2000.  it might take a little bit to load.

November 5, 2007

bookcase feet

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I have glued up a bunch of the leftover scraps of walnut to form the blanks for the feet on the bookcases. Now I just have to turn them down on the lathe. 


November 4, 2007

bookcase doors

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I built doors for the bookcases this weekend.  They went together quite easily and I did not screw anything up.


The tops the bookcases will be glued up 5/4 solid pieces of walnut.  I use the jointer to straiten the flat side as well as the edge side of the pieces of wood.