September 30, 2007

new sled

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I have finally made a sled for the table saw. It will be for cutting larger panels with 90 degree corners.  I used it today to cut the miters for the new bookcase I am currently working on.  I got the clamps at an estate sale for $3 a piece and I made the handle on the lathe.



September 29, 2007


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The next project is a pair of bookcases for the living room.  They will be 50 inches high, have doors and be made out of walnut.  We hope to display some of our nicer books in the living room.



September 28, 2007

decent bowl

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It has been a busy summer full of commitments that have not included the wood shop. If anything I have done many very small projects in the shop; fixing Calvin’s wood tractor and getting the big lathe fixed to name a few Hopefully I will be back making more beautiful things.  I have finally made a half way decent bowl on the lathe.  It’s cherry.


September 9, 2007


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I have finally gotten the gate at the top of the stair finished.  I did it without damaging the stair the handrail or the wall.  I have been slow in the shop over the last few months. There are a lot of things going on this summer. And the lathe has been down. The lathe was fixed last Friday, a switch was out.