April 29, 2007

turn it

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I was feeling that i had not used the lathe much recently. I grabbed a small chunk of walnut and went to work on it.  I made a bowl.  then a top from a piece leftover, from cutting out the bowl blank.  The top does not stay up when spun, I think it is too tall and needs to have more mass further from the spinning axis. but it looks nice.



April 22, 2007


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The shelving units for the office closet are done. They turned out bigger than i had envisioned.  I have a scale problem



April 17, 2007

Closet shelves

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I have started to build shelving units for our office closet.  Each unit will be 8 feet tall by 2 feet wide and approximately 1 foot deep.  The project will consist of three units, sitting on a base.  The photo to the left is the trim having just been cut. To the right is one of the units about to get trim applied.

img_0152.JPG  img_0151.JPG

April 13, 2007

toy truck

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I started this truck a year or so ago, by cutting out the body. Then it sat for a long time while I figured out how to turn wheels on the lathe.  While making the pulls on the armoire I realized I can hold a piece of wood almost a foot long from one side on the new lathe and carve knobs or wheels out of the end of that piece of wood.  the wheels are turned from the same walnut tree I have been tuning bowls from   The truck tuned onto a dump trick with an operable bed, the bed is made from the same cherry tree I have been tuning bowls from.  The wheels and bed are from trees that grew within a mile of the shop, and would have been burned as fire wood, and the body is a piece of purple hart shipped form halfway across the planet.


April 9, 2007

lathe accessories cabinet

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the lathe accessories cabinet is finished for the most part.  For throwing it together, it came out rather nice.  I turned the pulls on the lathe. 

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April 7, 2007

lathe accessories cabinet

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I have started making a cabinet for all the lathe accessories. I keep putting everything on the radial arm saw table as it is the only flat surface in the area. This renders the radial arm saw useless.   The cabinet is hung from the ceiling. I may secure it to the wall, but at the moment it does not have too much swing. 


April 1, 2007


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The armoire is finished.  I got glass from the rebuilding center it is ridged and translucent. The doors ended up being heaver than I had realized so I reinforced the joints with dowels and screws.  I held the glass in with wooden clips that look a little bulky and foreign to the design. For now it is finished.