January 27, 2007


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After a lot of sanding, the sides to the crib are coming along.


January 26, 2007


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I have been working on a shop cart with an air filter in it.  I don’t like blowing all the heated air from the shop outside during the winter.  I am placing my big squirrel cage fan in the bottom of the cart and building a box with filters around it.  With a one horse power motor on it, the fan pushed enough air to move the cart across the shop.

img_0132.JPG  img_0133.JPG

January 22, 2007

Calvin’s bed

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Calvin’s bed/crib is coming along. I have the basic frame done; I need to make the crib sides now.  I am using a lint seed oil bees wax mixture, it was the most non toxic finish I could find.  It went on yellow, but has dried to a more natural color.



January 21, 2007

new toys

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Santa came late this year.  Last Thursday was a big day for the shop. I had a old 12 inch jointer and a new lathe delivered to the shop. I found the jointer on Craig’s list for $400, and had a moving company deliver it. The jointer needs a new cutter head and the in feed table needs some work at the lip.  It has an old style ‘clam shell’ cutter head, it works fine but I guess these could be dangerous as they sometimes let a blade go.  I see this jointer as a project for a while; I am going to need to get a shop crane to do any work on it.


as I had movers for the jointer at the shop I had them move the new lather into the shop at the same time.  Its fun scrounging for old equipment, but there is nothing like a brand new tool.  The lathe runs supper smooth.  It is a joy to work with.



January 16, 2007

big move

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I have wanted to move the radial arm saw across the shop to be near the stock wood.  To day I did this with my new adjustable cart, the cart just fit under the saw and I could pick it up and rolled it across the shop. This took about 5 minutes.

img_0128.JPG  img_0127.JPG 


January 14, 2007


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I have started building a crib for little Calvin.  I am making it transformable into a bed for him when he is older.  I am using cherry and need to find a nontoxic finish for it.  It will be similar to our bed, with cubbies in the headboard, but smaller.  I will add a light in the headboard and I would like to have a light under the bed to light up the floor if he needs to get up in the night, and to do a monster check.

img_0125.JPG   img_0126.JPG

January 8, 2007


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I was turning a piece on the lathe last Saturday it was not too big and…


My gouge got caught on the work and the momentum of the wood slammed it down into the tool rest and broke it.  I had thought I had only broken the tool rest, but it seems now that I also bent the head stock shaft. All of my face plates and chucks have a pronounced wobble when turning on the lathe now.  The question is do I fix this lathe or get a new one.