October 28, 2006

baby projects

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I thought I would show the current use of two projects; the changing table and the co-sleeper.  I never presented the final placement and use of ether.

changing table




October 22, 2006


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I have built a lower shelf to the wood storage area. I now have a nice place to store and dry the big chunks or wood I get for turning.   I also took a truck load (750lbs) of junk (mostly wood scraps) to the dump. The shop is much cleaner now, I can use it again! 


October 9, 2006

band saw

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I bought a band saw off of Craig’s List,  but it is turning out to be a piece of junk. I will get it running, but I may donate it somewhere.


October 8, 2006

wood storage

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after moving the back wall of the shop (see ‘demolition’ video on September 24th entry) I have gotten some of the wood storage up, this gets the hardwoods up off the floor.  I want to put in 2 more shelves plus a lower shelf near the floor for large chucks of wood.  Also a plywood rack on the other side of the nook.

img_0097.JPG img_0098.JPG


October 6, 2006

center piece

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the center piece is done.  it came out ok, i think i could have done the supports a little better.