September 24, 2006

big mess

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Here is the shop at the moment. 



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I have wanted to move the back wall of the shop as we have moved the washer and dryer upstairs. The space where they were can now be part of the shop. I want to make it into a material/wood storage area.

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table center piece

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Here is the volunteer interfaith caregivers center piece so far


September 22, 2006

modern chair

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I had a bowl that had developed a single severe crack in it. I cut it in half, it made a nice sectioned bowl or a  scale modern of a 60’s modern chair.



September 19, 2006

planks of cherry

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I cut up some of the big planks of cherry I had cut from the day before, until the blade on my band saw broke.  The wood has more knots in it than I had thought and there are cracks running through some pieces. 


September 17, 2006


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To day i cut up the rest of the cherry logs I had, one of them was quit large.  I am sore all over I have a new respect for those who use a chainsaw all day.


i now have plenty of wood to work with in the shop.


September 16, 2006

cherry bowl

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With the chainsaw I was able to cut one log of the cherry, into two pieces for the lathe.


This made more sawdust and the biggest bowl I have made so far.  This was definitely pushing the lathe to it’s limits.

img_81.JPG img_82.JPG


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We drove out to central Washington, logging country, and bought a chainsaw.  This is the description from the ad ‘2100 (100cc) Husqavarna w/a 32″ bar, it has been hopped up. K&N filter kit, ported head, shaved base, lightened piston. It will push a 5 foot bar with no problem’  the guy who sold it to me has been in the timber industry for a long time and gave me a lessen in using the thing.  It is definitely not a toy chainsaw you might pick up at  Homeless Dept.


September 15, 2006


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Bonnie has made curtains for the new nursery, I made the rods.  They are just a small would clip and a stainless steel tube.  I cut the tube on the radial are saw and polished it on the lathe.

img_78.JPG  img_77.JPG

September 10, 2006


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I answered a free ad on Craig’s list for a bunch of cherry wood. When I got there they had cut down a huge cherry tree and had some big pieces, ready to be hauled off.  I’m guessing I got about a thousand pounds, Now I need a chainsaw.


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