July 31, 2005


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Finally got the door put on the exhaust fan to the shop. This mean I don’t have to go outside and open up the fan window every time I want to fire up the fan.img_22.JPG


July 30, 2005

framing jig

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I finished the picture framing jig, this weekend.  It holds the sides of a picture frame at an exact 45 degree angle, as it is slid thought the table saw.  This makes a perfect miter.


July 3, 2005


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The finished cradle for my niece willow, made from the hemlock i got at the rebuilding center back in March.   This was going to be a prototype for a version made from a nicer wood. But this took three weekend and looked good enough. It is deigned to be taken apart into 4 pieces so I can be shipped.