October 24, 2004

end of the beginning

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The basic core of the shop is set up, now I can start making.


sound room

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I made a small room in the corner of the shop to house the sound making equipment in the shop; the dust collector and the compressor.  The walls are insulated and at some point I would like to get sound dampening material for the inside.  The clean exhaust air from the dust collector is allowed to come out under the cabinet in the foreground.  This snaking of the air should help to dampen the sound from within the sound room.


October 3, 2004


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The big product of any wood shop is dust.  I put together the dust collector (Jet 708637CK/DC-1900CK 3 HP 1PH) to day hopefully this adds 20 years to my life.

link to dust collector video