September 30, 2011


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we cut up more of the big sequoia log today. we are getting into the big stuff now.


we were having trouble with the saw again, i did not get any footage of us actually milling, i did have Brian take a shot of me cleaning up the log.

August 7, 2011


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my friend Brian and i have been milling up a sequoia that was cut down in Brian’s neighbors back yard. we had a really good day on Saturday, i think we finally have chainsaw milling figured out.  the largest slabs so far are over 30 inches wide.  i was over taxing the truck with one 8 foot section of this tree.


May 28, 2011


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a friend (Brian) and i spent the morning milling up 2 (2 smallest logs) of 7 redwood logs we have from one of Brian’s neighbors.


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