August 16, 2014

Wood Turning Grinder Stand

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I have made a stand for my grinder that I use for sharpening my wood turning tools. The stand is a plywood box with shelves on the inside. On the top, the grinder sits on an old growth fir cap that is flush with the box. Two bolts hold the wood cap and grinder to the plywood box. On the front is a door to access the shelves inside of the box. In the bottom of the box is a space I have filled with drain rock to give weight to the bottom of the stand.

May 20, 2014

lathe tool stand

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I made a lathe tool stand today. I have needed something like this for a while as my tools have been scattered about is precarious positions.


April 9, 2014


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Clamping the segmented section for the bookends.  I thought I had cut the wedges at 18 degrees but they were 17.2 and that added up over 20 segments. I had to add an extra wedge.


March 24, 2014

table saw

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after taking the table saw apart to change the belts I put it back together.

March 22, 2014

Shop cabinet doors and drawers

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Turning wood on the lathe produces a lot of wood chips. Turning big pieces of green wood produces even more.  I was finding I needed to streamline the cleaning up of these wood chips after a turning project.  I decided adding doors and drawers to the lathe cabinet would be the most helpful in this clean up process. In this video, I add 3 doors with Salice Series 200 hinges to the cabinet.  In addition, I make three drawer boxes for the cabinet.

March 19, 2014


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cleaning up the lathe area.


December 14, 2013

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I visited my friend Jonah to learn about his CNC machine, I would like to build one.


November 30, 2013

Simple Shop Drawers

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I had made shelving units for the wood shop that hung on my French cleat system.   The shelves do not work well for smaller items as there is no way to organize small pieces and the space of the shelf above the small pieces goes unused.  I made simple drawers from 3/8 inch Russian birch plywood.  I cut dados in the bottom piece and attached sides and dividers with those dados. I butt jointed a back and front to that.  The front is a 1/2 inch wider than the drawer to hide the maple runners that the drawers slide on.   This was a  prototype and when I do this again, I will try making a frame with the vertical pieces first, then attaching the bottom to that.

June 23, 2013

clock 2

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This is the second clock I have made from the extra pieces of the large chunk of maple I milled last summer.  For this clock, I made a segmented section where the clock hands go that indicate hours. I made a 12 piece segmented section to embed in the larger piece of maple.  I then turned a space for the hands of the clock and sanded the outer surface. I used a linseed beeswax mix to finish the clock.

June 21, 2013

clock 2

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the turning on the clock went great, no mishaps.


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